Come with Us to Respect for People Conference, Focusing on Ethics and Cooperation in Construction Industry 

We would like to invite you to this year’s Respect for People conference, which will take place on Thursday, 15 June at Spojka Karlín in Prague 8. We will be very visible there, because the event’s main partner is the Liftrock holding organisation and the conference’s partners are our companies Contract Management, Quality Management and Proconom Software. But that’s not all! One of the speakers will be Václav Větrovský, CEO of Liftrock. Moreover, his appearance will be the first public presentation of Liftrock! And it’s worth seeing!

And what conference topics can you look forward to?    

The conference’s morning session, entitled Professional Culture, Ethics and Honour – The Builder’s Heart, will address the debate that is taking place in different segments of Czech society about ethics, responsibility and culture of the environment. Topics that are part of our everyday life will be discussed and the construction industry will not be left out. The conference will show how to define and improve it in the construction industry.    

There will be a total of 8 speakers in this session. One of them will be Václav Větrovský.    

The second, afternoon session, entitled Cooperation in Construction – Relationship Contracts and Dispute Resolution, will deal with contracts motivating the parties to cooperate and alternative dispute resolution in construction. This international session will feature a total of 5 speakers from France, Germany and the Netherlands.    

If you are interested, do not hesitate to register at the conference website.   

We will be happy to meet you at this interesting event.   

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