We Have Opened New Offices in the Centre of Liberec

The last Friday in April was marked by a new beginning and from the morning it was clear that something was happening at the Forum shopping and administration centre in Liberec. Many more people than usual started to gather outside the cinema entrance. So what was the premiere performance that everyone present was eager to see? You can read it in the following lines. However, we can reveal that the lead role this time was played by Liftrock! 

All together 

Around 10 o’clock, the attendees entered the cinema. Who could you meet here? Pretty much everyone who makes up Liftrock. From the CEO Václav Větrovský to our guru for construction industry digitisation Martin Sklenář and Michal Hlavnička, who handles operations and economics. The group companies were then represented by individual directors and managers, and we also learned about the Liftrock group’s marketing communications and their scope. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Shortly before the start, the cinema was filled with employees from all the companies, so there was nothing to stop us from getting started. 

The Pendelum Has Moved

This was the subtitle of the presentation in the cinema. The welcome and introduction was then taken over by Liftrock CEO Václav Větrovský. He also mentioned the reasons for the movement, which had intensified that day. In addition, his words were focused on the idea of a holding organisation, as a strong group of companies that help each other achieve common goals and offer a wide portfolio of services. Liftrock respects the sovereignty and functioning of individual companies managing their own work and wants to maintain this model in the future.[MJ1]  How to summarise such an arrangement? Václav Větrovský compared Liftrock to the legend of Svatopluk’s wands. That is, there is strength in unity, a fact that also applies to our holding organisation.


In Such Strenght …

A lot has changed since 2016. Instead of one company, Liftrock now has five projects, we have grown from 10 employees to over 100, and our turnover has multiplied more than 40-fold in the past 7 years. This is just a short list of the numbers that were the focus of the next speaker, Chief Financial Officer Michal Hlavnička.

And what is the magic of Liftrock’s success? In addition to great people and their commitment, we also have a great approach to digitisation in conjunction with consulting engineering.

Chief Technical Officer Martin Sklenář also discussed this connection in his part. He presented the current state of digitisation in the construction industry and the prospects for the near future, which is favourable to this trend, although the same cannot be said of all companies that should implement digitisation processes in their ordinary work. This is where Sklenář sees Liftrock’s power and potential. Thanks to a proactive approach and participation in the development of standards, the holding organisation is one step ahead and opens up access to other markets with large orders in addition to new service opportunities. Large contractors working on major projects are looking for partners who will not let this train get away.

Five Projects Full of News

In order not to delay in connecting the companies, we continued with presentations by individual company representatives who shared news from their segment with their colleagues. Martina Veselá, chairwoman of the board of directors at Contract Management Česko, spoke about management changes and visions, which include the participation of “Contract Management knights” in international projects and penetration into new areas of construction in general.

Contract Management Slovensko as represented at the opening ceremony by its CEO, Ondřej Vaněček, who presented, for example, a successful implementation at the Slovak National Gallery. The biggest news, however, was the beginning of extensive cooperation with Budimex on the D1/D4 motorway intersection, where Contract Management Slovakia is providing complete contract management for the contractor.

News in the field of digitisation and innovation in the construction industry was presented by Tomáš Opelka, CEO of Proconom Software. He mentioned fulfilled goals in the form of the possibility of launching PROCONOM software in desktop, mobile and web versions and outlined the values that must be present in the company’s vision for the future. Specifically, this includes human support, speeding up reaction times, setting up adaptation, methodical activities and strengthening compatibility with other systems.

Quality Management CEO Aleš Bednář summarised the successful fiscal year 2022/2023, completed and ongoing projects, the company’s expanding scope and expertise and, last but not least, the priorities for the coming years. Specifically, greater diversification of investors and industries, a shift in digitisation in cooperation with Proconom, and more.

The audience’s attention was also attracted by a brand new project in the form of TechPro Management, a joint initiative being implemented by Contract Management Czech Republic and Technoprojekt. The cooperation between the companies was presented by executive officer Adam Černoch. He also mentioned the future plans and scope of the project, focusing on the preparation and management of industrial construction, energy construction as well as public and civil engineering projects.

In the Heart of Liberec

After the presentation of our joint efforts over the past years, all attendees moved to the top floors of the Forum shopping and administration centre, where, after a joint toast, the front doors of our new offices were opened for the first time. A connection is also provided by the layout of the offices themselves. All Liftrock companies will be located on one floor with an internal corridor forming a ring around all the offices, meeting rooms and common facilities. We believe that everyone will quickly settle in and enjoy working in their new environment. As we mentioned in the cinema: The revolution in the construction industry will not happen on its own.

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